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The life and times of a feral druid

Greetings, Internet!

I’ve been having a lot of fun playing World of Warcraft again recently, and my guild leader’s decision to start ablog about playing a healadin has inspired me to do something similar.  Luxul, my current main, is a druid feral tank, and I’ve been having issues finding good information on playing the class in end-game content.  Rather than sit around and complain about it, I’m going to try and marshal the lessons I’ve learned while playing him into blog posts.  Maybe someone, somewhere will find the information useful.

I’ll put up the first actual mechanics post later today, but for now, a little background information.  I’ve been playing WoW for about five years (yikes!), with several multiple-month stretches of downtime peppered throughout.  My initial focus was on DPS classes, but I kept burning out on those characters in short order.  I’d get to the current end-game, and get bored, completely unable to enjoy the group experience.  Recently, fed up once more with my 80 rogue, I took a level 30 druid out of mothballs and started playing him again.  He’d leveled most of the way in cat form, but just to be different I started playing him as a bear.  Something clicked.  I was obsessed.  In eight days, I gained twelve levels, stopping at level 52 for a short break and to assure my friends I hadn’t grafted my hands directly to the computer.  I slowed down a bit at that point, but less than a month later I hit 80, and started grouping with my guild and my wife again.  (That’s not a euphemism.  She’d been patiently waiting for me to regain interest in WoW, and was very happy to have me in-game again.)

Luxul has very quickly geared up, and is now equipped to tank Onyxia 25 and Icecrown 10.  I hadn’t really thought about it logically very much, but last night my wife and I had a long conversation in which she was trying to talk me out of some hair-brained ideas I had about raiding.  That got me to thinking.  Why the sudden change of attitude?  Why was I not only enjoying pick-up groups, but actively seeking them out?

I think it all boils down to player temperament.  As anyone who’s played more than one class can tell you, each role in a group feels different.  My wife, for example, was an excellent tank while we were leveling our characters.  Once we hit heroic level 80 dungeons, however, she started feeling stressed and frantic during the fights.  She’s respecced holy, and is much happier healing.  A good friend of mine has a warrior, and he seems to enjoy playing both of his specs, but if you watch him you’ll notice a subtle change in personality between the two.  When he’s tanking, he’s very cautious and not terribly aggressive.  The pace we progress through dungeons is much slower than when we’re in with an assertive, confident tank.  That’s not to say he’s a bad tank, he’s just a cautious tank.  Switch him to his DPS spec, however, and he’s a monster.  He’s got amazing focus, and can always stick with the tank’s main target, even if the tank is switching up a lot to maintain aggro.  His situational awareness improves, and he does an excellent job of intercepting mobs that break aggro and go for the clothies, but still manages to keep his own threat down to the point that the tank can pick the mob up from him again when they’ve got breathing room.

The point I’m trying to make is that part of the challenge of not just playing your class, but excelling at it, involves finding a class that fits the way your mind works.  When you’ve found it, you know it, and everything before that moment feels a little emptier somehow.

Okay, enough philosophizing.  If you agree with my point of view, wonderful!  If you don’t, that’s fine, too!  Either way, you’re here because you either have a feral tank you want to improve on, or are looking for the information you need to get started with one, and I hope I can help enrich your playing time by some small amount.

— Luxul


February 2, 2010 - Posted by | Editorials


  1. Kudos on starting this blog! I’m looking forward to updates, and reading things from yours as well as your feral druid’s, point of view. ^_^

    Comment by Voshten | February 2, 2010 | Reply

  2. I added you to my blogroll (always great to see a new feral blog pop up), but I don’t think I said hi yet… so… HI!

    Comment by Lissanna | February 11, 2010 | Reply

    • Hi there! You hadn’t said hello officially, but the sudden spike from 12 to 70 visits per day certainly told me you were around. ;)

      I’ve been a semi-regular reader of restokin for a while now, so it’s very nice to “meet” you. :)

      Comment by Luxul | February 11, 2010 | Reply

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