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On Hiatus

Well, it’s been two months since I put up a post with actual content.  During that time, my wife and I have logged maybe twenty hours in Azeroth between the two of us.  It’s becoming apparent that life has decided, at least for now, that we’re both supposed to be doing things other than playing WoW.

Last night, I finally deactivated our WoW accounts.  I felt a little bad about turning off the subscriptions, but we’ve got way too many good friends who we only ever get to see in the virtual for this to be a permanent state of affairs.  In all likelihood, we’ll take a break to get real life stuff sorted out and dealt with then come back around the time that Cataclysm releases.

So thank you for all the readers that visited.  I also owe a big thank you to several Azerothian bloggers who added me onto their blogrolls and directed readers to this site.  I’ll see you all again when our “real” lives are calm enough for more WoWing. =)

— Luxul


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Happy April 1st!

Life has been so hectic I’ve hardly logged into WoW in over a month.  But with the beginning of the month of April comes Blizzard’s customary onslaught of April Fool’s pranks, and I just had to share my favorite.  I take (probably way too much) satisfaction in their parody of the GearScore system. :)

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